About the Eye Exam

At Mes Yeux Tes Yeux, your eye health is our priority. With an incredible team of eye care professionals and a facility equipped with the latest in diagnostics and digital imaging technology, we will be able to check your visual acuity as well as assessing and diagnosing any eye diseases or overall health issues.

Optos Technology

The first step of the Complete Eye Exam is the retinal scan. To get a detailed image of your retina, we use OPTOS. The Daytona retinal scanner allows us to get the sharpest image of your retina, which reveals your optical nerve and other retinal structures, for a more in-depth examination by our optometrists. With the pictures being digitally stored in your file, the optometrist will be able to analyze the images on a yearly basis and follow up on the condition of your retina. The retinal scan exam is comfortable for your eyes and painless. It is a necessary part of your eye exam, and we recommend doing it on a yearly basis.

Visual Field Exam

The Visual Field Exam measures your side-vision, also known as your peripheral vision, in order to evaluate any peripheral vision loss or to diagnose and monitor cases of glaucoma. It is a crucial part in assessing the severity of glaucoma and it allows your optometrist to follow up and make treatment decisions.

The exam itself is comfortable and non-intrusive, it utilizes a series of flashing lights and asks you to press a button whenever you see a light. The scanner then proceeds to create a digital map of your visual field, which will be analyzed further by your optometrist.

Contact Lense Exam

If you are a contact lens wearer or looking to start wearing contact lenses, in addition to your regular eye exam, the contact lens exam allows your optometrist to assess which lenses are recommended for you and whether they will fit both your eyes and will also include a contact lens fitting session for new wearers. Our priority is your eye health and comfort.


Mes Yeux Tes Yeux offers emergency services. When you injure your eye, don’t wait too long before seeking help, come and let our team of eye care professionals take care of any issue you may be facing.

We understand that eye care emergencies can happen at any time, if you are having any trouble call us now: